Pilgrim on the earth, occasional blogger.


Welcome to Doddfodder, a home for some of my random interests, including (but not limited to) baseball, board games, food and drinks, and popular culture (music, movies and TV mostly). I’m married to Jamie and we call the Pittsburgh area home. Before marrying, I spent three years living in Northeast China as an English teacher (this is where I discovered my love of language, culture, and spicy food), plus a year in each of Southern California and Northern Colorado (where I discovered my love of craft beer). I’ve been a Pirates fan for as long as I can remember, and a nerd about that long, too. As a kid, I loved Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Calvin & Hobbes, the X-Men and Batman animated tv shows, dinosaurs, and my rock collection. I dreamed of going to space and I once wrote a joke book. As a grown up, things haven’t changed all that much.